MWASA | Medical Women Association of South Africa
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The Medical Women Association of South Africa is a national professional organization representing the interests of women doctors and an enabler for women doctors to participate optimally in shaping health policy, health systems and the practice of medicine.


The aim of MWASA is to organize medical women doctors in South Africa as serve as a platform to collaborate in creating a climate where women doctors practice their profession optimally using scientific knowledge and discovery for the well being of our nation and humanity.


The MWASA Mission is to enable medical women doctors to collaborate and participate effectively in health related policy and socio-economic opportunities.

MWASA CONFERENCE 2019 — 6th April, 2019, @ Velmore Hotel & Spa, 96 Main Road, Mooiplaats 355-Jr, Erasmia, 0183

Why Join MWASA?

Career development

Create your legacy with the support of the MWASA community.


Platform for networking across disciplines and specialities, with a view to identifying cross cutting issues that provide opportunities for individual and collective personal growth


A formal platform for mentorship for female medical students both professional and overall mentorship. Connect young leaders with MWASA physicians / Specialists across SA


Identifying collaborations to contribute in building individual or collective legacies

What our members are saying

This is the best networking platform for my career. It exposed me to huge opportunities I would have missed!

Sandra Beigh



My confidence boosted alot more now because I get answers to questions I couldnt find answers for in school. The mentoring is invaluable! I think I'm lucky to be part of the body as a medical student.

Mandile Okhela


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