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Medical Women’s Association of South Africa

We are an organisation comprising of Medical Practitioners, Specialists, Registrars and Medical Students. We seek to be a multispecialty organisation that advances issues pertaining to women practitioners as well as an organisation dedicated to advancing women in medicine and improving how issues specifically affecting women doctors are addressed within the medical discipline.

Aligning with its international mother body’s and other continental body structures ‘agendas, MWASA will be looking at advocating work in areas pertaining to the following topics;

  • Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS
  • Gender mainstreaming in health
  • Feminisation of medicine
  • Adolescent sexuality
  • Violence against women, amongst others.



A society where medical women have the capacity to develop their potential in order to contribute to the health of their communities.



  1. Consolidating and maximizing the net worth of the professional skills and knowledge in the community of medical women.
  2. Achieving acknowledgement for this important capital to be recognised and utilized to contribute to the development agenda of the country.
  3. Focussing on issues affecting women and in particular in the area of Women’s’ Holistic Health
  4. Development and support of young girls and adolescents and in this way have a significant impact on society as a whole.
  5. Developing leadership within the community of medical women
  6. Identify, explore and maximize opportunities for women doctors to exercise their skill and expertise
  7. Impacting local and national women Doctors as well as forming international networks with other women doctor’s association worldwide so as to gain international acknowledgement and recognition and achieve global impact.

Core Values

  • Honesty: Modelling highest standards of professional and personal behaviour in all our

activities and interactions

  • Integrity : Valuing of individual ,cultural differences and diversity
  • Inclusivity : Encourage active participation and contribution of all members and also seek to

engage impact and collaborate with wider health sector  and communities we serve

  • Quality and Excellence : Committed to developing ,promoting and recognising excellence
  • Responsiveness: We are open proactive in meeting new challenges and are open to change
  • Mutual Respect and Dignity: We display respect and dignity amongst our colleagues as a reflection of how we would like the world to respond to us


  1. Establish a viable , sustainable Association in South Africa
  2. Focus on the unique African Women doctors issues
  3. Connect at an international level



  • Create a platform for medical women to consider issues pertaining to challenges facing women in the medical profession and to collectively identify ways of addressing these.
  • platform for networking across disciplines and specialities, with a view to identifying cross cutting issues that provide opportunities for individual and collective personal growth
  • A formal platform for affiliation with regional and international association with similar and like-minded objects
  • To establish and sustain a formal platform for mentorship for female medical students both professional and overall mentorship
  • a platform for establishing voluntary alliances and partnerships with other professional groups to explore common solutions to issues of national importance and identifying collaborations to contribute to improving the health status of individuals and communities
  • the Association will always prioritize issues pertaining to women in the profession but also prioritize health issues that impact on women generally particularly those which require more focus and resources
  • The Association will also engage in advocacy initiatives led by the Association or contribute to the efforts of like-minded groups across the wide spectrum of professional entities provided that these do not contradict the objects of the Association.

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