MWASA | Members
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MWASA’s Membership

Membership is open to women doctors across all disciplines in the public and private sectors that are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa or its successor in law. A membership fee shall be determined by the Executive Council.
Members in good standing shall be entitled to:
  • Participate in the general affairs of the organization
  • Regularly receive information and reports from the Executive Council
  • Participate at General Assembly directly or on a fair representative basis
  • Access opportunities created by the Association on a fair basis
  • Elect and be elected for leadership positions at local and national levels

There will be four categories of special membership which are:

  • Youth Membership – female medical students from 5th year of study
  • Honorary Membership – women doctors in leadership
  • Patron – no longer in the medical field
  • and retired women medical doctors will be determined by the General doctors l Assembly . Honorary membership will also be determined by General Assembly. A membership system may be reviewed by the General Assembly

The annual membership fee is R1000 for qualified doctors and R500 for students.

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